Delivering solutions to realize the economic, health and social potential of local food in Memphis

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Who We Are


Location is so important to us that we built it into our name. We source delicious, fresh foods from farms within 275 miles of Memphis, building a vibrant local food economy that works for all of us.

Action Oriented

We don’t just oversee things, we get our hands dirty. We act boldly to ensure positive and equitable outcomes across the entire food system—in farming, distribution, sourcing and consumer experience.


To change the way Memphis eats, we all need to work together. 275 Food closes gaps where they exist, better connecting farmers to markets, businesses to capital and supply to demand.

Best In Class

We’re committed to the highest quality product in everything we do, grow, and eat.

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Our Goal

To build an equitable local food economy in Memphis that shifts 20% of food spending to local farmers and producers. In order to achieve that goal, we have built a series of partnerships and developed programming designed to increase farmers’ yields, build greater demand for local foods on the part of restaurants, groceries, large public / private institutions and, individual consumers, while positioning food entrepreneurs for greater success. That shift to local will mean $1.5 billion in economic impact for Memphis.


How we plan to do it

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Want to learn more?

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